What a f***ing amazing book is Her Body and Other Parties

He Body and other Parties

I read Her Body and other Parties for the Slate Audio Book Club. What an amazing trip it was. I have been busy so I couldn’t read as much as I wanted, but I’m sure that if I had had the chance, I would have read it in one sitting.

Her Body and other Parties is a collection of eight stories, one just as amazing as the next. All of them have a feminist (profoundly feminist) voice, and are so weird and bizarre… I’m not sure if they could be catalogued as science fiction, but I while I was reading I felt that this book and its characters could perfectly coexist in the Black Mirror’s universe. There are even gory episodes, described masterfully, and violence so feminine that is eerie.

This book was also my entry for the January Monthly Motif Reading Challenge: Diversify your reading. Carmen Maria Machado is an American writer whose father was Cuban, so I guess you could say we’re the same race. But I chose her for the diversify your reading prompt, because she lives with her wife in Philadelphia, so she has a sexual orientation different to mine (I’m a straight cis… I know… boriiing).


Her Body and other Parties will definitely be in my favorites for years and years to come, I’m sure (so, if anyone wants to gift me the hardcover, it’d be very very welcome). And I’m super excited about her next book to be published in 2019: House in Indiana: A Memoir.


Have you read Carmen Maria Machado? Do you love her like I do?

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